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AA Isda Baboy N’ BBQ
Lahug (272-1623)

Alejandro’s Steak & Seafoods House
Don Jose Avila Street (264-5022)

Bahay Fiesta Manukan Restaurant
Ranudo Street (344-1192)

Bahay Pistahan Restaurant (J0’s Chicken)
Lahug (344-1192)

Banri Noodle House
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (234-0788)

Bean Sprouts Oriented Cuisine
Kamputhaw (254-0009)

BF Management Corp. (Cebu Grand Hotel)
N. Escario Street (254-9823)

Big Cuisine, Inc.
Banilad (234-1368)

Bigby’s Quality Food Corporation
Cebu Business Park (234-2495)

Black Angus Steak House Corp.
Kamputhaw (412-6302)

Bo’s Coffee Club- Fuente Osmeña
Cebu Business Park (233-5400)

Brikenzon’s Business Service, Inc.
Gen. Maxilom Avenue (254-1191)

Brio Sports Café Food Corp.
Lahug (231-7378)

Brutus Food Systems, Inc.
Colon (346-1121)

C & C Food Venture Group, Inc.
Banilad (232-1457)

Café Havana Cebu
Cebu Business Park (231-7787)

Café Orchidia
Lahug (232-7375)

Casino Español de Cebu
V. Ranudo Street (253-3131)

Cebu Barbeque Palace, Inc.
D. Jakosalem Street (255-9985)

Cebu Beehive Restaurant
F.Ramos Street (253-7428)

Cebu Big Mao Chinese Bistro
Cebu Business Park (231-0347)
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (231-0347)

Cebu Chef’s Garden
Gen. Maxilom Avenue (416-4456)

Cebu Chow Foods Corporation
Apas (231-3695)

Cebu Country Club, Inc.
Banilad (231-0345)

Cebu Dimsum Topping House Corp.
Colon Street (272-2044)

Cebu Elicon House, Inc.
Junquera Street (255-0300)

Cebu Lumpia House Fine Dining
Apas (416-8481)

Cebu Majestic Foods, Inc.

Cebu Business Park (232-2301)

Cebu Pollo Grande, Inc.
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (232-2301)

Chowfun, Inc.
Pahina Central (414-1114)

Chowking Food Corporation
Fuente Osmeña (254-3300)
Cor. Colon & Osmeña (253-5776)
Cebu Business Park (231-2262)

Citidine Restaurant
Mabolo (232-5581)

City Sports Club
Cebu Business Park (415-8700)

Club Gourment, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (234-2326)

Club Nyx Karaoke Bar
Lahug (254-5598)

Coffee Centrale the Bean Company, Inc.
Banilad (233-5900)

Cue Café
Banilad (416-4000)

D’Best Kitchenette
Borromeo Street (256-0856)

Dear Manok Grilled Chicken & Restaurant
F. Ramos Street (254-2300)

Deli Gourment Unlimited, Inc.
Mabolo (231-0157)

Dimsum Break
Cebu Business Park (255-8882)
Colon Street (255-8882)
Leon Kilat Street (255-8882)

Dimsum Square
F. Ramos Street (272-0504)

Ding Qua Qua Dimsum
Lahug (255-8882)

Drifters Food Corp.
Gaisano Country Mall (262-8834)

Earth & Ocean Bar & Restaurant
Lahug (254-6190)

East Coffeeshop & Bar
Manalili (254-5698)

East West Café & Tea Shop
Lahug (412-7064)
Cebu Business Park (415-8338)

Eddie’s Log Cabin Coffee Shop
M.C. Briones Street (254-7225)

Favorite Pizzas, Inc.
SM City Cebu (232-6182)
Cebu Business Park (232-6186)

Fiesta Maracas
Lahug (233-4054)

Fisherman’s Net and Garden Bistro Corp.
Lahug (234-4023)

Freemont Foods Corporation
Fuente Osmeña (254-7423)

Front Row Bar & Restaurant
Apas (254-5718)

Gaisano Bros. Merchandising, Inc.
Apas (253-0660)

Gaisano Metro (Viscal Dev. Corp.)
Cor. Juan Luna & Colon Street (253-0660)

Gaisano South Supermarket

Cor. Colon & Leon Kilat Street (254-8888)

Gerry’s Grill
Cebu Business Park (412-8283)

Ginza Restaurant, Inc.
Banilad (232-5406)

Golden Bowel Dimsum Express, Inc.
North Reclamation Area (253-0660)
Leon Kilat Street (253-0660)

Golden Cowrie Native Restaurant
North Reclamation Area (231-8530)

Golden Peak Cuisine and Bar Inc.
Lahug (255-1166)

Golden Roast Chicken, Inc.
North Reclamation Area (254-1323)

Grand Majestic Convention City

Archbishop Reyes Avenue (232-1103)

Hap Japs Food Tec, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (233-9070)

Harbour City Dimsum House Co.Inc.
North Reclamation Area (255-8882)
Gen. Maxilom Avenue (255-8882)
Cebu Business Park (255-8882)

Hodge Podge Rest. & Music Lounge
Juan Luna Cor. Cabahug St. (346-8068)

II Sole Ristorante
Lahug (269-4488)

Jochin’s Times Kitchen
Capitol Site (255-4904)

Joven’s Grill & Seafoods
Osmeña Blvd. (256-7472)

Kahayag Kafe
M. J. Cuenco Avenue (233-8676)

Kan-Anan Ni Mergie
Jasmin Street (412-3983)

Kanyoen Restaurant Corporation
Mabolo (232-2989)

Karne Grill
Colon Street (253-0660)

Kenny Rogers Roaster
Cebu Business Park (254-1323)

Kentuky Fried Chicken
Cor. Colon & Legaspi Street (253-6563)

Krua Thai, Inc.
Banilad (231-9382)

Ku-Kai Resto Bar
Kamputhaw (346-9781)

La Buona Forchetta PaPaollo
Jones Avenue (269-4488)

La Tegola Cucina Italiana Branch 1
Busay (233-7435)

Leisureland Sports Center, Inc.
Lahug (346-8068)

Luz’ Inasal Baboy/Manok
Kamputhaw (253-8270)
Osmeña Blvd. (254-8457)

Mainline Marketing

Juana Osmeña (261-3654)

Manang Gina’s Lutong Bahay
Mabolo (232-7831)

Mandaue Tsibogs Sa Fortuna, Inc.
Lahug (346-8068)

Mikado Japanese
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (232-2301)

Manila Foodshoppe Corp.
Capitol Site (254-0276)
Manalili Street (254-0276)

Max’s Cebu, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (232-6627)
North Reclamation Area (232-0728)

Arlington Pond Street (254-5886)

Metro Ayala Center
Cebu Business Park (253-0660)

Mother’s Fried Chicken
U2 Street (346-8068)
Cebu Business Park (346-8068)

Nang Vicky’s Native Food Haus & Rest.
Talamban (254-0506)

New Mongolian Express & Dimsum Station
North Reclamation Area (0918-4142777)

Ocean Garden Dining
Lahug (233-4891)

Our Place
Cor. Sanciangko & Pelaez Street (254-7225)

Pancake House, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (232-2641)

Patio Ecila
Cebu Business Park (235-8353)

Persian Palate Restaurant
Cebu Business Park (232-5898)
Banilad (232-5898)

Pete’s Food Industries, Inc.
Pelaez Street (254-9783)

Philippine Pizza Incorporated
North Reclamation Area (345-1917)
Kamputhaw (345-1917)
N. Bacalso Avenue (345-1917)
Fuente Osmeña (345-1917)
Archbishop Reyes (345-1917)

Pizza Hut
Cebu Business Park (345-1917)
Banilad (345-1917)
North Reclamation Area (345-1917)

POD S.O. Family Entertainment
Lahug (345-4109)

Port Restaurant Incorporated
Lahug (231-7441)

Portion Food Corporation
Kasambagan (232-6830)

Pub and Live Seafood Haus
Lahug (340-0335)

Rai Rai Ken Foods Corporation
Kamputhaw (256-3541)
North Reclamation Area (232-2825)
Cebu Business Park (233-2242)

Ratsky Entertainment
Cebu Business Park (234-2113)

Remros Food, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (233-8603)

Ric’s Barbecue & Restaurant
North Reclamation Area (233-5900)
Cebu Business Park (233-5900)

Robinson Place Cebu
F. Osmeña Cor. Ramos Street (253-9711)

Rosita’s Food, Inc.
Lahug (345-6789)

Sen Ryu Japanese Restaurant

Lahug (234-2547)

Shanghai Bay Food Corporation
North Reclamation Area (346-8068)

Shooter’s Bar & KTV
Gen. Maxilom Avenue (254-8764)

Smile Again RestoBar
Lahug (0915-5856293)

Smokin’ Rice Foodshoppe
Cebu Business Park (346-8068)
Robinson’s Place (346-8068)
North Reclamation Area (346-8068)

Southern Venture Food Services, Inc.
North Reclamation Area (232-0682)

Southpoint Bar
Mambaling (263-3375)

Spice Fusion Restaurant
Banilad (344-7280)

St. Mortiz Pub & Restaurant
Lahug (231-1148)

Steve’s Music Bar & Karaoke
Cor. Mango Ave.,& Menchavez St. (254-8764)

Sunburst Fried Chicken
E.Legaspi Street (255-0825)

Tequila Joe’s
Cebu Business Park (254-1199)

The Boss Grill
Gen. Maxilom Avenue (254-1199)

The Ching Palace Dimsum Noodle
Lahug (416-2925)

The Desert Factory Restaurant
Cebu Business Park (418-9699)

The Green Derby
Banilad (346-9324)

The Tinder Box
Archbishop Reyes Avenue (346-8068)

Thunderdome Cebu
F. Ramos Street (272-0651)

U & P Food, Inc.
Cebu Business Park (233-8603)

Vicar Fruits & Foods
Kamputhaw (273-0990)

Victor & Sons Realty Corp.
Busay (231-2641)

Visayan Restaurant
V. Gullas Street (346-8524)

Windsar Castle Bar & Restaurant, Inc.
Kamputhaw (253-7949)

Winter Sonata Restaurant
Kamputhaw (416-5728)

Zao Resto Grill

Guadalupe (254-3811)

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